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I am Debbie Snyder and Doug Smoot is my partner. We own a small kennel, D & D's here in North Central Kansas. We are set on 10 acres with a small pond. I am retired, I was a Zoo Keeper for 22 years. Doug was a welder. To say our previous occupations come in very handy with our dogs, is an understatement.We are USDA & State licensed. We have dogs that are registered with several registries. ACA, ICA, APRI, and ACHC. 

How our dogs are raised:

A vet does a yearly check of our kennel at this time he makes sure all our dogs have current rabies shots. All our dogs are on a vaccination & worming program.

We feed a good dog food to our dogs.


Most of our dogs are housed up on decks. A few breeds are in spacious pens. Some of the smaller breeds are in long runs with rooster board floors and a big house attached.


We bring in the females to whelp at 50 days. Whelp time is approximately 63 days, at that time we feed the females scrambled eggs and yogurt in the evenings. When the puppies are about 4 weeks old they start to eat with mom and when weaned the puppies continue to eat scrambled eggs and yogurt. All our puppies are whelped in a climate controlled building. Each room the dogs habitat also have runs to enjoy the outside also.


When I wean puppies I give them yogurt. I buy it by the case. They love it and it is very good for them. All of our adult dogs get milk bones every evening at chore time.


We have had people drive many miles to pick up their puppies, it is nice to meet the buyers in person. We have met some awesome people and have puppies in many states!


We want our puppies to have forever homes when they leave us. Please do your research on the breed you want to make sure it is going to work with your lifestyle. When you purchase a puppy you are making a big commitment. The rewards are great!


Hope this profile helps you to get to know us. I know it is hard to buy a puppy from someone you don't know. We have references upon request. I want you to be comfortable buying a puppy from us. We will treat you the best we can. Feel free to ask questions and I will try to answer them for you.


Thanks, Debbie & Doug


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