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Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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Eskinu--Cimarron & Snowshoe--THEY ARE HERE!

Klee Kai--Chinook & Tanana--THEY ARE HERE!

Westwich--Diamond & Skittles--THEY ARE HERE!

Mailtipoo-Pom--Koyuk & Gracie--THEY ARE HERE!

Wire Fox Terrier--Cracker Jack & Triscuit--THEY ARE HERE!

Golden Doodle--Hunter & Koko--THEY ARE HERE!

Miniture Austrailan Shepherd--Hondo & Shilo--THEY ARE HERE!

Klee Kai--Balto & Nana--THEY ARE HERE!

West Highland Terrier--Diamond & Peral--THEY ARE HERE!

Kleekimo--Ididarod & Delta--THEY ARE HERE!

Mauxie--Sir Duffy & Hanna--THEY ARE HERE!

Shichon-Poo--Happy & Gidget--THEY ARE HERE!

Shichon-Poo--Ginger & Happy--THEY ARE HERE!

Norwegian Elkhound--Thor & Alona--THEY ARE HERE!

American Eskimo--Blizzard & Glacier

Klee Kai--Chilly & Kiana

Jack-a-Bee--Rascal & Ellie May

Schnorkie----Valentino & Twinkie

Toy Klee Kai--Nanook & Snowbird

Schipperke--Heshery & Carmello

Shichon--Nipper & Whinnie

Schnockers--Winter & Tiny

Mauxie--Sir Duffy & Schnitzel


















Please do research on the puppies breed to make sure they are going to fit your life style as they grow. We want you & the puppy to be happy in a forever home!

Please make sure you can have a puppy/dog where you live. Having a fenced yard is best. Please spay/neuter as it makes a more enjoyable and healthy pet.