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We use a company called Pet Air to ship for us. Puppies are kept in a climate controled/pressurized area on the plane. They make the flight arrangements and are very good. They always watch the weather and any other problems thta might affect the flight. They book the flights on either Delta or American airlines. Very good at contacting me if the flights has to be changed for some reason then I contact you.

They pick up the puppies on Monday from us and take them to thier facilliy. Put each puppy in their own pen then feed and water them. We send our puppy chow for them to feed. Thye clean the kennel, change the paper and get it ready for the next day shipping. Puppies are taken over to the KC airport early Tuesday morning.  You recieve your puppy the same day they are shipped. You have to pick a International Airport. Few airports to not except animals. Puppies are taken to the airport early in the morning. Usually you get them in the morning or early afternoon. Depends where they are going. If for some reason such as weather or you need the puppy to come later in the day or evening there is a $25.00 exta fee added to make a specail trip to take them later in the day for the later flight. 

Always check with me to make sure the airport you choose is one we can fly to. I book the flight a week before the ship date. That is why I need full payment by then to assure me of the flight. I will know by Friday before ship date the flight info. I will email you the flight info, flight numbers, airline, time and where to go at the airport to pick up your puppy.

I always ask to PLEASE CONTRACT ME (email, text or phone) when you have them It is very important to me to know thye got to you safely. After all they have been my babies!