D&D's Care Sheet!

                                                                       D & D’s Puppy Care Sheet


Your puppy has been fed a puppy chow that I will give you a start of. We now feed Royal Caine dog food. We have found this brrand works very well and can be found easy.  New owner needs to feed premium puppy food. I recommend Royal Canine, Blue Buffalo or Taste Of The Wild. You will need to mix the puppy food I give you with what you choose to buy. You will need to mix it ½ & ½ and feed it FREE CHOICE to them all the time along with fresh water available all the time also. Your puppy will need Puppy Food until he/she is 1 year old. Our puppies are also fed plain yogurt, 1-2 tablespoons once a day. This will help their tummies with the stress of going to new homes and they love it! MAKE SURE YOUR PUPPY EATS & DRINKS, so after getting them home. When taken to the new home & away from thier litter mates they can not want to eat sometimes. It is a stress to them.

Your puppy has also been on NuVet Plus.  It is not just a vitamin; it is a immune system builder. We require  you keep them on this product for at least  90 days.  You can order it off my website under “Links”.  It would be best to have this before you get your new puppy. I will have a Starter Pack to give you.

 Keep your puppies warm & dry. Puppies have limited immune systems (that is WHY I stress NuVet)  when they are young to keep on as they grow old. Try not to expose your new puppy to other dogs or puppies and public places until he/she has had all necessary vaccinations recommended by your Vet. Buyer must keep puppy current & up to date on all veterinarian cares such as: vaccinations, worming, heartworm prevention, health care, flea/tick and ect. You might also want to microchip your puppy. Also please be a responsible “Pet Owner” and have your puppy spayed or neutered. It is in the best interest of the puppy. Makes them healthier & more enjoyable. Females can get infection of the uterus and can become deadly very fast and the males will mark their territory which is a bad deal. Makes both sex a much better companion. Please make sure you get all your puppies booster shots. I give them the first 2 but they will need more as directed by your vet. 1st vaccine....40% protected, 2nd ....70% , 3rd....92% protected then they need the 4th. Visit with your Vet on these topics.

Here are a few things I get asked about by the puppy buyers. So thought I would put this on here to help you as you go shopping for that new Best Friend! You might also ask your vet if they have any suggestions.

As far as chew toys any of the Kong or Nylabone products are good. All of our dogs and puppies have antlers also. I know lots of them so called dog toys are not safe. Look them over well. Some of the breeds are very aggressive chewers. We have found anything with the squeakers in them are not the best. They love to hear them but also like to rip it out and it is of all things PLASTIC, not good! There is a furry toy called THINNIES, you can get them WITHOUT the squeakers and they have really been a toy that lasts and the puppies & dogs love them.   

Shampoo I use is Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo for dogs. Contains NO pyrenthrins.It is the only shampoo I use. You can still use flea treatments like Frontline & ect. and they will not affect each other. Some shampoo will make your Frontline and other topical NOT work. Smells really good. You can order it from www.JeffersPet.com or 1-800-JEFFERS. You can get all the toys I have mentioned at Jeffers Pet also. Have fun shopping!


Buyer must keep your new puppy safe. Puppies eat & chew things that can be harmful & fatal like: plants, electrical cords, chemicals, paper products, plastic & ect. Puppies also like to get under your feet, beware not to step on them as you may break a leg or cause other injury. Protect them from jumping off things also. You must PROTECT your puppy and as he grows from themselves and as he is grown. You are their SAFE  KEEPER!

 Your puppy will grow and bring you years of enjoyment. Keep them safe and happy!

Contact me if you have any questions.  dnd@bluevalley.net  or 785-692-4373


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