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                                         BOARDING AGREEMENT

This contract is for puppies bought from D&D’s Kennel that cannot be picked by 9 weeks of age, for what ever reason. Boarding fee starts next day after puppy is 9 weeks old.



Owner’s Name: __________________________________


Owner’s Address_________________________________


Owner’s Phone__________________________________


Other numbers Owner can be reached at______________________




Breed__________________________________ Sex_____________


If puppy is to become ill while boarding, I authorize Debbie Snyder/Doug Smoot to take puppy to any Animal Hospital and do what is necessary for the health, safety, or well being of the puppy while under their care and at my expense. Payment will be due to the hospital based on their policy. I agree to be responsible for any and all charges incurred to care for my puppy’s health. I know that myself and my emergency contact will be contacted by all phone numbers listed in this contract to inform me/us what has happened. If my puppy should injure itself in any escape attempt, refuse food, become ill or die while in their care, I will hold D&D’s Kennel free of any responsibility and/or liability.

I know that I can at any time check on my puppy. Food will be provided, puppy chow and yogurt.   

While I do my very best to care for your puppy, I Debbie Snyder cannot guarantee the health of your puppy during their stay. Some conditions are unavoidable while boarding such as but not limited to respiratory infections, bronchitis, diarrhea and parasites.


A fee will be charged everyday my puppy is here.

I agree to my boarding fee of _________ per day.

1. Owner agrees to pay the rate for care provided in effect one day after 9 week of age.

2. Owner further agrees to pay all costs of any veterinary costs for the puppy during the period it is in the care of D&D’s Kennel.

3. I realize that I am responsible for payment in full for boarding of my puppy. I know I must pay in full when I come to pick up my puppy. If I neglect to pick up my puppy after 10 days from the agreed pick up date without any written or verbal agreement with D&D’s Kennel, you may assume that the puppy has been abandoned. You are then authorized to dispose of the pet as you see fit. Abandonment does not release me of my obligation for full payment of the bill.


4. This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties. All term and conditions of this Agreement shall be binding on the heirs, administrators, personal representatives and assigns of D&D’s Kennel.


5. By signing below I agree and understand All I have read.



Puppy Owner:_____________________



D&D’s Kennel: Debbie Snyder & Doug Smoot








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