Many pets come up missing or stole! The thiefs are either selling them for money or using them as Bait Dogs! Ensure your pets are safe & secure. Never leave them open to theift. Don't think for one minute this is not happening "EVERY WHERE" as it is. They are used as "BAIT" for training Fighting Dogs. This is a ILLEGAL blood sport.

The animals are bound, mouth taped shut and thrown in with the dogs being trainned. Some are killed quickly and others are used over & over as long as they can survive the attacks. They are treated very cruley, starved and dumped or killed when no longer useful. Easy for them to find more, just steal them or watch the "FREE ADS"!

NEVER ever advertise "FREE TO A GOOD HOME".  These peolpe really pray on these kinds of ads. They are very good in fooling you also. Sending their girlfriends or wives and kids to come get the pet. Thinking they are just a nice family!

All dogs need to be microchiped so if found, in a raid on the fighting rings or stolen by someone there is proof who owns that dog!


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