Just want to let you buyers to know the place & people you are getting your puppies from the best you can.. There are "DOG FLIPPERS" out there. This makes me very angry. They buy up puppies and resell them. Never owning the parents. Do this JUST to make money. Most of the time they are not setup to have puppies and are kept in bad conditions and not fed well.  Use reputable Breeder. They can give you references, pictures of puppies  & parents. They are not  licensed to do so so are never checked by the State or USDA. So NO rules for them. Not fair to anyone including the poor puppies.
I have recently had several buyers tell they have been RIPPED OFF. Just BEWARE!

Also people stealing "Photos" of puppies and posting them for sale as theres. Take your money and you never get your puppy.  That is another scam people are doing.

Don't want to scare everyone but it makes me so angry! It is hard for the GOOD BREEDER, which there are many of.

I can give you references  and you are free to contact my Vet.

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