Now days there are many available options for registering puppies. Several years ago it was just a couple most of them was AKC.

Now there are many and just to mention a few
APR:   American Pet Registry
ACA:   American Canine Association
UKC:   United Kennel Club
ICA:  International Canine Club
UKCI:  Universal Kennel Club International        Established in  1938
MSCA:  Merle Schnauzer Clun Of America
And many more!
Each stand for the integrity of the breed and the purebred status of the dog.This is proven and researched by each of the different registries. This is base on archives of information from AKC files from MANY, MANY years of pedigree and documentation. 
Each breeder has a favorite and although AKC is most known, it is not the best value. Just because breeders use a different registry does NOT make them a so called "PUPPY MILL" as some seem to think. Choice of Registry does not mean you are a bad breeder, far from the truth.
Some breeder feel that a "pet" should not be valued by the cost of his registration form. AKC continues to raise its rates such as: DNA testing is required on stud dogs; all the services are expensive and not necessary. 
We choose to use APR for our dogs & puppies. APR has good value and the service id very good and friendly. Nice people to work with.

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Phone: (785) 692-4373


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