Puppy Mills

There is no such thing as a "puppy mill".  "Puppy Mill" is not a legally defined term, it is a slang used by the animal rights community to denigrate any and all breeders--small or large, standard or substandard.

The phrase "puppy mill" has been promoted in the media by the animal "rights" movement, people who want to end all animal ownership. It is applied indiscriminately by these fanatics to anyone who breeds dogs. CEO of HSUS just stated:  "A puppy mill is any breeder who takes any type of compensation for a pet".

There are many types of breeders: Commercial, Pet, Hobby and show breeders to mention a few. Every one of these can be a large-scale breeder, every one of these can be a substandard breeder, Commercial, Hobby, and Show kennels can be subject to state and/or federal oversight. Substandard care can be found with all typesof breeders. It is about the standard of care that dogs receive.

Most Licensed breeders have state of the art kennels that meet USDA standards and the standards of the state. We are inspected at least twice a year, once by state and once by USDA here in Kansas. You must meet or exceed standards of each.

Passing laws intended to outlaw "puppy mills" will not slove any problem. Most substandard breeders are already working to follow the laws. The only way to have any effect is to enforce the laws that are already on the books.

All the Hobby breeders in this country cannot produce enough puppies to meet the demands of the American market.

BREEDERS are NOT responsible for the presence of dogs & cats in shelters. Irresponsible dog & cat owners are the reason that there are too many pets in shelters.

Believe me, I am not saying there are not bad breeders. I know there is but we just need to get them cleaned up! Not all of us are bad breeders!

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