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2020 Shichon, Petal! *Traxler*

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Name: 2020 Shichon, Petal! *Traxler*

Description: Patricia and her husband drove from here in Kansas to get their new girl. Hi Deb! Petal is adjusting so well to her new surroundings! She's eating well, drinking plenty of water, is super playful, learns fast, has fun with her toys, and within the first day she knew that she should do her peepee outside. She even knows what "peepee" means. She's having a little trouble figuring out where to poop--but It's not even been quite 3 days, so I feel like she is really doing great. She's a very good, smart little girl! She already has favorite toys and "her" places to hang out around the house. She hasn't cried once, since the first few minutes in the car as we were leaving your place--she did cry a bit then, and it made me sad for her. I held her on my lap and petted her, and after a bit she was fine. You really give your pups a good, healthy start, and it shows! Thanks for all the tips and advice you wrote out in your pet care sheet--that has come in very handy and we're following it to the letter! Yes, her little butt is adorable with that tiny puff of black bunny-tail that has grown over the teensy little stub she had there instead of a tail when we first saw her--it cracks me up! Thanks for checking in, and if you have any suggestions about the "poop training," let me know. Patricia