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2019 Shichon, *Harpe*

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Name: 2019 Shichon, *Harpe*

Description: Julie bought her sister a puppy for her Birthday Day! Well! There are soooo many good things to say about her that -wow- where do I begin! I suppose her name - my sister and siblings had a couple picked out : Luna, Molly, Coco, Cookie, but I do think we settled on Mia. So she’s become our little Mia. From the first 10 minutes in the car ride home Annemarie (my sis) bonded right away. Pretty much calm panting and kisses every couple minutes. It was so precious!!! The rest of the weekend was great. All my siblings were so excited and gentle with her and are very happy that she is here. On Monday my mom scheduled an appointment with our local veterinarian. My mom and sister went and good news -everything checks out! She’s a healthy little ball of energy. The vet suggested heart-worm treatments and a fixing by the end of this September. He also said we have a good one! She’s so perfect that she even lets us cradle her like a baby! So all in all it’s been a wonderful 4 days with this precious angel. A big thanks to you! Thats all. Thank you so very much! I’ll keep you updated Here are a couple pictures.