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2019 Mauxie, Jozie! *Wilson*

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Name: 2019 Mauxie, Jozie! *Wilson*

Description: Suzie and her son came from KS and picked up thier puppy! Hi Debbie, Jozie's vet visit went great, they commented on how well socialized she was! And of course everyone fell in love with her. I about couldn't get her out of my vets office! I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful girl! Quick question - did you trim the area around her bum so it would stay clean, or is that just how her hair is? Just wondering if I need little clippers or something. Suzie Hi Deb! We are doing great! She was 4.6 lbs at her last vet appointment and is such a good little girl! She's fitting in perfectly. Here is a pic of her at the vet.