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2018 Wire Fox Terrier, Finley! *Holmes*

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Name: 2018 Wire Fox Terrier, Finley! *Holmes*

Description: ✈️ Flew this puppy to MA Hi here we mom, kevin my husband & kevin and I!! He is so precious! Thank you for a beautiful puppy! Hello, I just wanted to let you know that we took the puppy to our vet! Perfectly healthy and they said adorable to! What do I need to send to you regarding the vet appointment? Hes settling in nicely!! Thanks, Hi debbie this is Kevin and jodie Holmes.we wanted to send u some pics of fin so u know hes doing good. Hes getting so big and so healthy. Hes definatly a daddy's boy He loves his grandpa also gets along with everyone and has become great friends with my sisters rat terrier. Thank you for helping us fill the hole our Murphy left. Sincerely Kevin and jodie Finley from hyannis cape cod ma. Formally wheezer at 1 week from 1 yr Oct 17th we will celebrate his bday.. jodie and I would like to truly thank doug and urself for allowing us to bring the love and antics back into our home.. want to send u an update hes doing great growing so fast. Sincerely kevin jodie and finley holmes