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2018 Cocker Spaniel, Poe! *Law*

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Name: 2018 Cocker Spaniel, Poe! *Law*

Description: Erika came today and got her little guy! Hello again! Just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love him already! He's just an absolute doll baby and follows me wherever I go. When I cook he sleeps right under me, I ended up laying a pillow down so he could snooze comfortable while I do so. Some of my other family members got to meet him and he wasn't timid in the least. He's been very well socialized! They also commented on how extremely soft his coat is. Yesterday I sat him up and trimmed him a little, his coloring is just gorgeous.. And he took it all in stride. He gave me no trouble at all and I'm sure the clippers were loud and scary to him but he did so good! I washed the loose hair off in the shower and held him and let the water run down his back. You wouldn't believe it, but it put him straight to sleep. It was the cutest most tender moment ever! We just love him to pieces and I am so glad I had the opportunity to bring him home, so thank you for choosing us as his owners! I know in my heart that it was truly fate. I'll send updates as he grows! Merry Christmas to you as well. We named our sweet boy POE. We love him so very much and I can't say one bad thing about him. He is a total people-pleaser, and as you can see.. he loves to cuddle!