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2018 Eskinu, Juno! * Cary*

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Name: 2018 Eskinu, Juno! * Cary*

Description: Janice & Dan flew from OR today to pick up thier new Eskinu guy! Hi Deb, Juno did great on our flight! He never had an accident in motel or in airport. He goes potty whenever we take him out. If we don"t take him out as often as he needs he trained himself to go on the puppy pads available!!!! Not one accident so far! He"s amazingly smart and so happy. I keep wondering when the real puppy will come out. You know the one that cries for mommy or the one that just doesn't "Get it" when it comes to when and where to GO potty. I feel sorry for the other buyers, because we got the Best of the litter....don"t tell them that, ha!ha!. Seriously I think this is a great mix and so happy with our choice!!! Oh, Dan was wondering if you could measure from the ground to the bottom of the parents kennel door to get an est. of how high to place our doggy door. We would like to install it this weekend. We would really appreciate it. I took Juno to the vet. today and they just loved him. I noticed last night a little lump between his shoulder blades, at first doc thought it was a chip. But it wasn't, so then she figured it might be from his most recent shot received and it should go away. Just FYI. We are so happy with Juno and will send you update pics of him in a couple of weeks. I know how you like them. Oh by the way the airlines never asked for any papers...we offered but not necessary, go figure! You know if we didn't have any they would have asked, ha ha. I better get some sleep, will miss chatting with you I know how busy you are. Looking forward to that measurement tho, Thanks, Janice. ttyl