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2018 Westalian, Winifred! *Eversden*

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Name: 2018 Westalian, Winifred! *Eversden*

Description: The Eversden family of 7 came from NE to pickup their puppy! Happy Holidays! We wanted to share a few smiles with you. Winifred “Winnie” has become a great friend! She is well loved and completely spoiled by everyone. She is very smart, curious, sweet and loving, with a little bit of sass and fiest! Blessings to you! The Eversdens Yes, she has changed. Her underside is all white, and she is a very light buff color with a few tips of black. And she and William are great friends. He's all over being scared, which is what we thought would happen. All the kids LOVE her. Did you keep her brother? The kids are always asking me what I think happened to him. Thanks, Deb!