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2018 Wire Fox Terrier, Pepper! *Justice*

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Name: 2018 Wire Fox Terrier, Pepper! *Justice*

Description: We flew this puppy to FL then her daughter flew home to AK with her! Pepper had a wonderful day with my daughter, my niece and my nieces children in Florida today. My daughter is currently on the flight from Florida to Seattle. She and Pepper will be traveling all night but have a layover in Seattle and another in Anchorage for potty breaks. They get into Barrow tomorrow and I’ll be sure to let you know how Pepper did. Chrisann Pepper traveled well with my daughter last night and got in fine this morning. She’s had a busy day exploring the kitchen and laundry area where she will mostly be staying until she’s fully potty trained. I thought I had puppy proofed it but I’ve been spending my time finding things that I need to put away. Her vet appointment is tomorrow morning. Thanks! Chrisann Most of the snow was melted but apparently she likes playing in the snow. Very convenient since there will be snow nine months of the 12 every year. Chrisann