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2018 Wire Fox Terrier, Bob! *Ellis*

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Name: 2018 Wire Fox Terrier, Bob! *Ellis*

Description: ✈️Flew this little guy to WY. He was a surprise for their dad! Just got him from the Casper airport. Hi Deb, Just wanted to let you know that Skippy (his name is Bob now), is doing well. There was no such thing as an adjustment period for him...he came here and acted like he had lived here his entire life! He is very busy and he makes for good entertainment. Dad takes him to work with him and he does great riding in the pickup and the grader. We are working on getting him house trained, he pees on the floor on occasion. The other two dogs are not sure if they like him yet, so we keep a close eye on them to make sure he doesn't irritate them too much! Emily