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2018 West Highland Terrier, Phoebe! *Tran*

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Name: 2018 West Highland Terrier, Phoebe! *Tran*

Description: Teresa and her boyfriend came this evening to pick up her new girl! Deb & Doug, Sorry for the late update, we were thinking of writing to you guys after the vet visit. But Phoebe is a pretty amazing gal! I was worried about the 2 and half hours drive to home but she slept half of the way. She has a fenced area at home and she does really well in it. She's been using her training mat whenever we couldn't take her out for potty training. The first two days she would whine or do a little howl (no barking so far, yay!) if she couldn't see us. We expected it since she is still a baby and this is still a strange place. Now she is growing trust and confidence as the whining and howling are getting less and less everyday even when I'm gone for work and doesn't come home til lunch break. As a true Westie, this girl can never get tired but if she sense that I'm too busy she would calm down and play with her toys. We let her out of her fence when we are home and able to keep an eye on her and she is quite an explorer. No destruction so far and I know this girl does listen. I am so happy to have brought this girl home. She's a healthy, brave and quite caring little gal!! Cheers!! Teresa and Alok Merry Christmas to your family!! Here is Phoebe and her brother Conan. We love her very much! She's so sweet! Teresa