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2017 Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Arnie! *Bell*

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Name: 2017 Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Arnie! *Bell*

Description: Flew✈️This guy to TX this morning! Hello! Just wanted to give you a little update. Finally decided on a name...ARNIE PALMER! But we call him ARNIE for short. We had a great day yesterday and just got back from the vet this morning. He was such a ladies man and good sport (everyone kept stopping me to take his picture or pet him!!) The vet said he is very healthy and everything looks great. I am so happy to be his caretaker and look forward to many corgi adventures !! I'll send some pictures later this week. Thank you again for everything, Avery Awww I didn't know that! Happy his mama is okay and you were there to assist! It's only been a week but we are loving every minute of it and having so much fun. He is picking up on potty training a lot faster than I ever expected and loves all the chew toys since he's teething :) you are right, he LOVES yogurt. And when I went to the pet store, they gave me a bag of doggie treats and drew a "self portrait" of him on the bag. Here are pics!