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2017 Klee Kai, Kara! *Storey*

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Name: 2017 Klee Kai, Kara! *Storey*

Description: Flew ✈️ this girl to CA this morning! Happy holidays to you. Here she is loving life. She is adorable just over 16lbs, so hopefully full grown now. She is such a little lady carries herself well...kind of prances and she crosses her legs “cause she’s a lady” when she sits or sleeps (as you can see). Kids and I are enjoying her. She is so loving and very smart (passed dog training easily due to treats) She loves everyone and wants to meet everyone and every dog. Thank you for our little girl, thanks to you she is the puppy she is. Sincerely, Tammi, Taylor & Carson I wanted to share as I still tell everyone about you. I won’t be surprised if I give them your info in the near future. Kaia is such a great dog so beautiful, sweet,playful, and smart. So far she hasn’t blown her coat...not sure when that will happen but wanted to share a couple photos and a video for you. We are still so thankful we found you and our baby girl Kaia!