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2017 Klee Kai, *Gardner*

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Name: 2017 Klee Kai, *Gardner*

Description: Jamie and her husband fly from Michigan into KC rented a car and drove to pick up their 2 Klee Kai. Just a quick note to let you know they are doing great!! They are really warming up to us, it's super cute. We had a couple stops; they ate just fine & drank their water. We're staying at a hotel in Omaha. They'll have a fun road trip home tomorrow! I'll let you know how they're doing tomorrow!! :) Hi Deb- we got home about noon yesterday. Pups are doing great, eating very well... playing well and loving all the attention. They are very attached to Mike & I; they cry when we get in the shower or leave them even for a few minutes. The kids were OVER THE MOON excited...2 of them had tears of joy. They couldn't believe it. We let all 4 kids sleep on the living room floor last night so they could be by the pups. The white one seems to be almost potty trained, which is crazy (but great!) No names yet. Want to take one more day :) They don't seem to care for treats ?? I got a really good kind, chicken main ingredient, all natural (veg & fruits in the blend) but they just don't seem to want any. They also won't take the NuVet but I'm going to soak them in some organic chicken broth Tonight for a few seconds & see. That should help! :) We didn't do yogurt on the road just because it was too hard...and the stuff I had in fridge was moldy on the lid (I checked this morning) LOL so I'll get them some & start doing that tonight. Thanks for everything- we love them!! Oh- someone asked me if they were UKC registered...I don't care but I didn't know the answer :)