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2017 Wire Fox Terrier, Crank! *Morisette

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Name: 2017 Wire Fox Terrier, Crank! *Morisette

Description: Flew this pup to Idaho this morning! His name is Crank. We really love Crank. He is so entergetic and he is in to everything. Thought you'd enjoy a couple of pictures of him. He weighs 11 lbs of straight energy. Hi my name is Crank, I am five month old now and love life, I have found the best home. I liked my plane ride to Idaho and I didn't seem to miss my siblings much at all. I must be a little mischievous because I seem to get into a lot of trouble, but they love me anyway. I get along well with all little dogs, and I like meeting new people. I am very out going and love to ride in the car. I am going to school and I really like it. Debora, you are doing something right. Crank is very social and try's his best to satisfy me. Crank is now a big part of our family, and love him to death. You were very easy to work with and lived up to our contract. I would recommend your kennel to all. Thank You Gerry and Helen I wanted to say Hi and send a picture of Crank. He is now 9 months old and so much fun to watch grow up. Loads of energy and still time to be a close friend. He is quite a handful to keep in line for a older guy like myself. People driving through the neighborhood stop to comment on what a great a looker he really is. He is about 18 pounds and 18 inches at the shoulders, loves walks, bathes and especially people of all ages. He is territorial, doesn't bark much, and loves to ride in the car. He pretty much just what I wanted for a dog. Gerry. Have a Marry Christmas