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2016 Noraussie, Cora! *Neeley*

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Name: 2016 Noraussie, Cora! *Neeley*

Description: Flew ✈️ This girl to OR this morning! Hi Debra, She's here and is adorable! Right now she is running around with a toy fox. We just got home to Corvallis. I am going to re-name her Cora. The Vet appointment is the day after tomorrow so I will let you know about that and send the papers. I just love her. Thanks so much, dulcy Hi Deb, This was Cora's first snow, which she loved. It was deeper than she is high, but she liked diving in it. The other one is after her first bath at 6 months. She has been spayed, and had not problems with it. I'm really loving her, she is a lovable, comical dog! Thanks again, Dulcy She is doing great. I adore her. She weighs about 15 pounds now. This is shaggy winter coat of course. She has been real healthy, with only vet trips for vaccinations. Dulcy