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2016 Miniature Schnauzer, Gunner! *Leslie*

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Name: 2016 Miniature Schnauzer, Gunner! *Leslie*

Description: Deb, Thank you for your quick response ! He is just adorable and such a good puppy! We took him to the vet today for his first visit and got flying colors!!! My husband and I have been married for 45 years and have always had a dog, we lost our "Maggie" four years ago and it has taken us this long to know we are ready for another little one to love. We will take great care of him, I am not working so he will have constant attention. Thank you again for your info. Puppies N Love also called Animal Kingdom is a Pet Store in Glendale,Az. They have a great reputation which is why we went there. We will give our boy lots of love!! Leslie