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2016 Kle Kai, *Breen*

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Name: 2016 Kle Kai, *Breen*

Description: This guy flew to N.J. today! Hi Deb We got him he is so Beautiful .He landed at 1 15 and we were able to take him an hour later. We got home and he was so cute running all over and playing He ate some and drank his water Right now he is laying on my husbands lap sleeping away as he gets petted. We love him . Made an appointment with the Vet to get checked tomorrow at 1 Will send you pictures as soon as I can Carol Hi Deb, Grizzly is doing good.Loves the yogurt and is eating his food ok and taking water. He pooped already My olnly problem is trying to get him to take the Nuvet I broke it up but he didn't tough it should I crush it and put it in his yogurt? Thanks Carol Thank you so much Tired him out this morning playing Right now he is fast asleep Will get his Nuvet ready On the bottle it says up to 5 lbs half a tablet Not sure of his weight What should I give him Going to vet this afternoon Will let you know how we make out Thanks again Carol