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2016 Klee Kai, Keeta! *Moore*

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Name: 2016 Klee Kai, Keeta! *Moore*

Description: Today Carolyn came to pick up her new best friend! She is here in Kansas. Hello Debbie and Doug, We have a name now….Keeta which means “brave”. It was hard to center on one name since she has such a BIG personality. Thought I would drop a line and let you know how things are going. GREAT !! We are bonding very well. Keeta and I went to Lincoln, NE for five days with the 3 cats in tow also. My Sisters Pom got along great with Keeta. My cats are slowing getting a little more comfortable. They don’t like the stance where she has chest down on floor and butt in the air. Looks to much like an aggressive come on. LOL Keeta is doing excellent in coming when called, fetching and returning, is figuring out NO NO (but still wants to test it to make sure I mean NO) LOL. We backed slide a little on potty training while in Nebr., but is promising. Never had any problems with tummy or stools. Kennel sleeping at night is coming along, but she sure doesn’t like it. I put the kennel by the bed, but heaven forbid if I get up in the night to go to the bathroom and I am out of sight. She loves the shade outside and finds it pretty quick. We are doing great. I hope you two are doing OK also. Carolyn and Keeta Dear Debbie and Doug, Keeta and I just want to say HI and let you know we are doing fantastic. A couple pics are enclosed. Keeta is growing, she is getting hard to pick up with one hand. I have her outside pen built now although she does not like to be separated, but I must put her in there when I mow. Nights are going better all the time. No accidents unless I am not being observant enough. She has gone to the door a few times and asked to go out and she has brought me my shoes a couple times. Very cute. She is such a joy. She now has calmed down some to know that lap sitting can be a very happy time. We can Sit, lay down, fetch and return, and we know what NO is but still want to test it. Keeta is a real blessing to me. Hope you two are doing all right. Bet Doug is about to go nuts with the arm and can not wait till the time is up. And hope you found some help doing chores Debbie. Carolyn Moore Hello Deb and Doug, We just returned from Nebr visiting family and have a new picture. Keeta has gone from 5.7 lbs. to 10.1 lbs today. We are doing great and learning new things everyday. Have not broken the mouthing of hands and feet yet. Have tried several methods but hopefully she will out grow the need to do it eventually. Had two other dogs to play with in Nebr and had a fantastic time. My cats have no interest in playing with a bouncing hyper puppy, but we tolerate her for the most part. Our bond is growing and strengthens every day. Hope you are doing well. Carolyn Moore Barnes, Ks Happy New Year, Deborah and Doug: We appreciated the Xmas greetings. Thank you. Keetah is just over 7 mos old now. She is about 15 lbs. Her big girl hair and winter coat have been coming in. She gets prettier every month. Everyone comments on what a beautiful dog Keetah is. She has played in her first snow, what a blast! She is very healthy and strong as an ox. Could probably handle a sled by herself. LOL. Those vitamins I am sure helped with that. Thanks for getting us started on them. Keetah does not turn down any treat, but likes Beggin' strips and Blue Buffalo the best. As you told me..she is a good digger, needs to be on a leash and does not want me out of her sight. Loves to go Bye bye. Loves to tease, misses nothing, catches on quickly. My ideal dog. Well maybe if we could contain some of the high energy would be nice at times. LOL She has accepted the cats, but does not understand why they won't play tug of war with her. She is overly social, needs to learn not to jump up on people. But most do not mind. I am including a couple of recent pics. Hope this finds you doing well. Thanks for my best friend, Keetah. Carolyn. Note her tail makes a complete circle now and she has a little bit of brown tinting coming in at the cutest places. She is usually not this serious, but she was checking out a sound she heard in the next room.