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2016 Keeshond, Toby *Kotter*

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Name: 2016 Keeshond, Toby *Kotter*

Description: We flew this little fluff to NJ. Just got back from vet. All good. Not bad, was a little wound up when we got home but fell asleep around 1 and slept till 6:30, so not bad for first night. He's napping now trip to vet wore him out Hi Deb, Some pictures of the little fellow! He is a good looking pup. Thanks for the joy! Steve,Pam,Sarah and Emily: Hi Deb, I would like to say Toby is a great little dog! Very bright and learns fast,real fast!!! He also stops and watches any plane that flies over, I've never seen a dog do that in my life!!! Loves to go swimming too in a none chlorinated pool!! He truly is loved!!! And is house broke already!!! Take care The Kotters The little fellow is doing good,feisty as all heck but great dog! Doesn't need leash in backyard,what a surprise! He thinks the love seat is his! He is doing well,he is 19lbs. and the vet loves him. She said he is very well bred and is a beautiful dog!!! We might try to enter him in a show as soon as the little fellow calms down a little. Some pictures for you. Titled,All I want is your blood!! Tobey's doing fine!! Here are some pics of Tobey and his walk path with scenery! Sad news, we lost MOJO our Bishion of 13 years,and Tobey lost his friend!! Tobey would always sleep next to Mo every night with 1 paw always touching MOJO!!! These pictures are some taken so you can see how the little fella is doing! We think he is part kangaroo because he can jump into the dam kitchen if we don't watch him!! Oh the joy when you walk in the kitchen and the he is in the sink!!! Will send you Christmas pics of Tobey at his 1st Christmas party with about 16 people there. Happy Thanksgiving from Steve,Pam,Sarah,Emily and Tobey☺ Hello Deb Just a little update on Toby. He is doing just fine,a little wild still but alot better! He surprised us today when we groomed him!! He didn't try to escape and actually stood there and let us do it!! We just cleaned up his hind quarters! Has all his shots and has been nutered! Does truly enjoy driving around in the truck and seeing the people at the drive threw windows! Take care The Kotters