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2016 Keeshond, Boony! *Dodge*

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Name: 2016 Keeshond, Boony! *Dodge*

Description: Diana came from WI this morning to pick up her second Keeshond. Three years ago she bought one from us she named Kansas. This will be her playmate. Boony & Kansas are doing great together! Boony had a vet. visit his first week home. Boony's stitches were coming undone due to belly on carpet and a bit of rough housing with Kansas. Wasn't easy keeping them apart, no playing for a week and a half until it healed. All is very good at the Dodge residents. Thank you so very much for my two beautiful family members. I will send a photo again when Boony turns a year old. Thanks again and God bless you and yours Hi Debbie & Doug, Boony's first birthday. Kansas & Boony getting along great. Boony loves giving kisses and is a big momma's boy. I think Boony looks alot lot his daddy there. May concetor another pup in the future.