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2016 Pom-Klee, Starla! *Vargo*

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Name: 2016 Pom-Klee, Starla! *Vargo*

Description: Flew this puppy to FL! Hey Deb, Not sure if you got the pictures I texted you a few days back....Starla has been growing like a weed....she has settled down and has quickly become part of the fact, then I take all the dogs for their AM walk (that in itself is a challenge), Starla wants to lead the pack. She sleeps through the night and rarely has an accident in the house. She is a junk food junkie....she eats a little of her food but loves ham and other meats....which we try to limit......we use them as treats.... Anyway, I take her to my tax office during the day with the other dogs so she always has company since as I go to my other job.....we did take her to a shrimp festival with Czarina (her look alike) and OMG, we got mobbed.....a few hundred people wanted to either hold her or take pictures......she is a definite Star.... Anyway, all is well here in FLA.... Thanks. John Hi Deb, Just wanted to send you a pic of how the little one is growing. She sure is a rambunctious puppy but is learning quickly.....took her swimming yesterday and she is pretty good....doesn't panic but isn't thrilled to be wet.....spends most of her time chasing lizards and trying to be a pack animal like the other two.....anyway, all is well and I will get her a Vet appt this week for her 12 week shots....hope all is well with you all.... Thanks. John Just wanted to send you a pic of Starla and how she is doing. She is approaching 5 months now and is doing great.....still the Star of the town and getting a personality....very smart in that she knows "sit, shake and shake other get a treat....he fav is Czarina.....the Husky that looks like her....they constantly play and they are inseparable.....too cute....anyway, just wanted to give you a look at what she is turning into....a great dog!! Many thanks. John Hi Deb, I know it has been awhile but I wanted to send a pic of what Starla turned out....she is an awesome dog and so much of a kind and people are so curious.....because they have never seen a toy husky....anyway, hope all is well.. Thanks. John