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2016 Klee Kai, Kuda! (Lockard)

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Name: 2016 Klee Kai, Kuda! (Lockard)

Description: I just checked my email, been too distracted with puppy Debbie, Just wanted you to know that I took Kuda to the vet tonight. Tomorrow I'll send you the documents as requested in the contract. Just a summary though he's very healthy, got his vaccines, and she wasn't able to find his testicles which I guess is one of two possible disorders that is not life threatening. Wasn't sure if that was one of the things you'd want to know. Also, he's quite the ladies man as everybody who sees him (including other dogs and grown men) immediately turn into mushy, cooing baby talkers. :) We're about 80% potting outside and have already learned to sit! I'll keep an extra close eye on him the next couple days to make sure what she gave him isn't hurting him and we are definitely not going back there. Yeah he's amazingly smart. He did great in the car rides which I'm super grateful for because we love to travel. He did really well when he met other dogs yesterday, only he didn't really like the tiny dog that wouldn't stop barking lol. In your puppy care sheet you said your dogs have antlers? I've been looking to buy one, but I keep hearing that they're dangerous because they splinter? Do you have a favorite brand that you find safest? The only toy I feel comfortable leaving with him when we leave is the Kong and sock. He doesn't really have accidents anymore and when I say "go potty outside???" He starts jumping in a circle toward the door. He LOVES the snow we have here but makes clear when he's done with it haha. We love him so much!! ❤️ We just love Kuda! Most recent pics at the bottom. :)