2016 Kleekimo, Emmy! (Woller)

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Name: 2016 Kleekimo, Emmy! (Woller)

Description: Diana and her husband came fro CO to pick up their puppy! Hi Deb, Emmy is doing great. She is a little diva. And goodness is she full of energy. Gizmo is actually doing better. She won't gain weight no matter what we feed her she is skin & bones and her back legs still give her trouble she doesn't really walk she hops, but she's happy. She keeps Emmy in line and they roll around & play all day. My husband got 2 shop kittens the same week we brought home Emmy & Gizmo started mothering all of them and her health improved to where she is now. We really were counting the hours until we were going to have to put her to sleep. I think she just needed something to focus or ere are a couple of current pictures of Emmy. Deborah, Both girls are doing very well. Gizmo is extremely happy and healthy since we got her spayed last spring. She torments our cat and he loves it. Emmy Lou, the Kleekimo, became a mom last year in May. Her baby boy Lou will be a year old in a few weeks. We of course kept him and he’s made a very interesting addition to our family. He has the most personality of any little dog I have ever met. He’s highly entertaining. Gizmo had a spinal parasite. We took her to 3 vets and finally a veterinarian specialist in Colorado Springs discovered her problem. We had to do 6 months of spinal injections to eliminate the parasites but she made a full recovery. The specialist couldn’t tell us the cause of the parasite. Possibly something that was passed to her at birth but could have been dirt she scratched in somewhere as a young puppy. He couldn’t pinpoint the cause. We allowed Emmy to have her one litter, which was the 1 pup Lou and have since gotten her spayed. So, our family is no complete and we couldn’t be more happy with our fur baby family. We were never able to have kids of our own so watching out fur babies become a family and having Lou as the final addition has been an amazing and exciting journey for us. Lou is now a certified service dog and he goes to visit children with cancer at the children’s hospital in Denver and visits our local hospice on a monthly basis. He is such an inspiration to those he visits and god has blessed him with a gift we cherish every day.

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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