2016 Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Skittles! (Johnson)

General Info

Name: 2016 Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Skittles! (Johnson)

Description: This little Corgi ✈️ To WA today! Kids haven't figured out a name as of yet! She is full of energy and spunk! Loves the other dogs Just took her to the vet, do you need record of this? And what exactly if so, would you like to see? She is scheduled back on March 5th for her next set. He took weight took her shot record from me copied the wellness check sheet. Checked her temp checked her eyes ears said her heart and lungs sound great. I will get a copy of it for you and send it off! Thank you again she is very well socialized and it has made it completely easy for all us. You do a wonderful job even our vet was very impressed with her social skills!!

Contact Info

2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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