2016 Basenji, Kafi! (Schauer)

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Name: 2016 Basenji, Kafi! (Schauer)

Description: Kaylea a day her husband drove from NE to get their new puppy. Debbie, Kafi is beyond spoiled to super spoiled!! Thank you for letting me know you received the vet statement. I wasn't sure I was going to take him home from the vet's everyone kept wanting to take him home. In his short time with us, he has become a great little traveler. My mother- in- law passed away the day after we were at your place. We did the vet visit, packed up and drove to Tampa Florida. In a week he learned to walk on a leash, paper training, crate training and how to ride in the car long distances. He was an entertainment and stress relief for everyone. He was so good and I have never seen such a young puppy adjust so easily to everything. The whole trip he was never off his feed and never had any stress diarrhea, this says so much about your breeding of stable and healthy puppies. Attached some photos. Yes, he gets a Bark Box each month filled with toys and treats, no he is not spoiled!! Again thank you and please be aware I'm going to brag about him often, hope you do not mind. Kayleai Deb, Here are a couple of videos of Kafi in the yard, he is growing so fast and keeps us on our toes. He is one smart cookie. In puppy class he loved the tunnel so much it was hard to keep him out so the other puppies could play in it. We went ahead and bought his own for home. Now if the wind would stop blowing so he could play in it more. https://youtu.be/prNwJIFjK2k Then we got the idea of another play thing for him from the internet. But they wanted so much for it, but we were able to put together the same thing for less than $20. Ken set it up for him and he played with it for hours. He was so good for me that night “tired puppy is a good puppy” Again he is using his brain to try and leverage the rope on the flower pots, did not work and now I have to move the flower pots. https://youtu.be/vaDl6Bz7Uk4 sorry this one is a little long, but he was having so much fun with it. This morning, he ran right out to play with it, but darn it was raining and he ran right back into the house. Maybe tomorrow!! As you can see he is growing into a handsome guy!! We are enjoying him so much!! Right now we do not have the biggest yard for him to play in. Behind the green house and solid fence the city is doing some work on our back yard. Hopefully it will be done this summer (going on two years) and he can have more room to play. Back to the smart cookie. The other day the grass was wet when he went out for his morning pee. He figured out that if he goes up the sidewalk, behind the greenhouse (sidewalk there too) over the bridge, by the pond (all flat stone there) to the bushes, he would not have to walk across the yard and the wet grass to the bushes. He figured that all on his own. Keep you up to date as he grows. Kaylea Debbie, We got back late last night from a weekend of dog shows. Could not wait until I could message you that Kafi became a APR Champion this weekend with three Hound Group wins. Out of a score of 200 he received scores of 198, 198, and 197. We competed in Top Dog three times, did not win but the three Hound Group wins were a honor. We will not go to any more until Kafi matures and fills out some (he is in the teenage stage right now) When we have the pictures I will forward them on to you. Again thank you for breeding such a wonderful puppy. Had numerous people ask who bred him. Kaylea Deb, You are welcome, you should proud of the working you are doing, breeding quality puppies. Poor Doug, I bet he hates being laid up. Even thou we have not met, we wish him a quick recovery. We are registered for the Minnesota Dog Show and we continue to go to training classes. He a quick learner, but still so much a puppy. Kafi is now in service/therapy dog training classes and he has a barn hunt competition coming in December. I'm keeping him busy and showing people just how intelligent and versatility this breed can be. Not as easy to work with as my Keeshonden were. I would still like to have another Keeshond someday, but right now, I could not handle two puppies at once, especially with one of them a Basenji puppy. Have to let husband get over the shock of Basenji puppyhood first!! LOL Do not work too hard and do not get over heated out there. Will keep you up dated. Kaylea

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