2016 West Highland Terrier, Sawyer! "Wegener"

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Name: 2016 West Highland Terrier, Sawyer! "Wegener"

Description: Don and his friend came this morning and picked up Sawyer from KS. Sawyer did great on the way home. Loves to car ride. Potty when he got home outside.Doing good with his potty training. Eat a lot when we got home. Played well. Likes his crate. Only cried for 5 minutes last night and slept well. Eat good again this morning. Had his vitamin and yogurt this morning and loves his yogurt. Playing now. He is adjusting well to his new home. Also do you have that pic you took. If so can you send it to me? Thanks! Vet check on Monday. Will let you know how that goes. Later, Don Sawyer had a good health check last Monday. Heart and lungs good. A nice example of the breed. Had one round worm in stool but is normal in puppies. Vet will do another worming at 11 weeks. I have included a pic taken a few days ago. Great pup and smart. Sawyer is growing up fast. He is 10 weeks old today. Doing very well. Great pup! Don Sawyer at 8 weeks (right) and now at 11 weeks (left). He is growing fast . Sawyer had his 11 week check up with his doctor yesterday and he is healthy and happy. Negative for worms. Sawyer has his training harness on and is learning fast. Sawyer is a pup with a great spirit and a loving disposition. He is loved by all. Thanks Deb Sawyer almost 4 months. Should of called him Chewy.. Ha Yes he is! Love him dearly.. SSawyer is about 5 months old. He was neutered 3 weeks ago and with start obedience school on May 25th. He is a good smart pup. Sawyer's first hair cut. Ain't he cute! New pics of Sawyer at 7 1/2 months. Great pup! Thanks, he is a smart and good pup. Sawyer at 101/2 months. He is a great pup! Sawyer turned 1 year old on December 7th. He is a smart and loving pup. I have attached a pic taken just minutes ago. We love him so! Thanks Deb.. Oh and he loves his new big back yard and the snow! Lol.. Hi Deborah, I have attached a couple of pics of Sawyer from yesterday playing with his bone. He is just the best and such an amazing dog! Thanks, Don and Chad Thank you for the nice comments. He does have a beautiful coat. I think he had the best of the litter. We love him so much! Thanks again for creating him.. Hi Deborah, hope all is well with you. I just wanted to send an updated pic of Sawyer at two years old. He is an amazing dog. So sweet and loving. He is very obedient and loves his Daddy’s. He loves being by the fire place and cuddling. Here is a pic of Chad and Sawyer having a loving moment by the fire. Love him so much! Thank you for Sawyer! Don and Chad Wegener

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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