2015 Wire Fox Terrier, Scout!

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Name: 2015 Wire Fox Terrier, Scout!

Description: We flew✈️ this guy to CO. Scout is here safe and sound! He's amazing and already playing like crazy. He's doing well! He's doing amazing. He's such a great dog and my best friend. Deb, Thought I'd send you an update on Scout. He's just an amazing dog. He goes everywhere with my girlfriend and I. In fact he's sitting at my feet as I type this. He loves, hiking, camping, trail running and anything outdoors. He's really coming along well with his training. Everyone is amazed when they find out he's still a puppy. Here are some pics of what he's been up to. Scouts been great. But I have been working with him a lot since the day I got him. He hikes with me off lead and is always aware of where we are at. Last weekend he did a four mile trail run with my girlfriend and was off lead the hole time. We went on a three day camping/backpacking trip and we didn't even bring a leash. He's chewed up a few things and house breaking was a little harder than my last dog. But I got Scout in the dead of winter. He is very assertive and fearless. He acts like a much older dog. Overall he is just amazing and all them time we have put into training him has really paid off. One thing that has helped a ton is his training collar. I do use it with him when he is outdoors. I can use it to make a beeping noise or a small shock. It's really not bad I've done it to myself and it's mild. I have it turned way down and I almost always just use the tone. I would recommend this type of collar to anyone who is training their dog to be off lead outdoors. Hopefully things turn around for the other little guy. I'd love to see some pictures of Scouts siblings, if you have any.

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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