2015, Klee Kai!, Audrey!

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Name: 2015, Klee Kai!, Audrey!

Description: ✈️ this girl to GA. Hi Deb, we have her home and we are in love! She's so sweet! She loves to be loved on, and I am so happy to have her! Thank you! Hi Deb! I named her Audrey/Audrey Hepburn! I absolutely love her. She is so wonderful. I couldn't be happier! She knows I'm her "mama" and she's already very protective of me. Here are some pictures. Her favorite toy is a mini Lambchop and she loves her fluffy grey blanket. She is already very spoiled. Hi Deb! Happy New Year! Audrey is such a joy in my life! I work from home, so Audrey and I spend all day every day together. We go to the dog park at least a few times a week. She's very playful but polite with the other dogs. She was clearly very well taken care of by you. She's a love bug and I don't know what I would do without her! Thank you! Here are some pictures. Hi Deb! I wanted to check in and let you know how loved Audrey is! She makes me so happy. She is so sweet and very polite. She can be a little wary of new people in the house - she barks at them very loudly, but her tail is wagging while she barks. It's protective, not aggressive. She loves to play! I have friends over for wine night once a week and Audrey just thinks she's one of the girls. She sits with us just like she's a human. We love it! She's a wonderful companion. Her favorite place to be is right by my side and she sleeps in the bed with me every night. She turned out to be much smaller than our estimate - at her one year mark, she's just 11.5 pounds. (This is great for me because she's so easy to travel with)! Her only health issue is a sliding patella - her back knee catches sometimes but it doesn't cause her pain. The vet suggested that I give her glucosamine supplements. It doesn't seem to be painful and that's what's important to me. Here are some pictures from the past couple months. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. Thank you! Hi Deb! I hope you’re doing well! I thought I’d send you some pictures of Bethal (now Audrey). She is so happy and so so loved! We couldn’t love her more. She’s my best friend. My parents are interested in getting a Klee Kai from you. Audrey stays with them often and they absolutely adore her. We’d love to get a puppy that was somehow related to Audrey. Audrey’s mom was Uggla and her dad was Dawson. We saw you have a litter that will be available in March. We’re definitely interested. Could you send me pictures of the parents? And a little more info about the litter? Thank you! Katherine Tate

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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