2015 Bo-Jack, Frankie!

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Name: 2015 Bo-Jack, Frankie!

Description: We ✈️ This girl to Boston. Deb, Sure do! Hectic day but she's amazing! Thank you. - Jared Deb, It may be the light but we'd like to believe that there is an orb in the top right of this picture. Poppy is with us and gives her blessing. We can't thank you enough! Happy Holidays. Best, Jared Hi! Frankie is such a joyful, playful, mischievous, confident little pup! She's also ridiculously adorable. She has been a wonderful addition to our lives and the lives of all she meets. She is quite the social butterfly! Today was her 2nd vet appointment since arriving, she weighs a bit over 8lbs, she's eating well and looks great. It's obvious that she came from a positive and loving environment, and we are so grateful for that. Best, Erin, Jared & Frankie Deb, This is "Squirt". We named her: Frankie Janey Reilley-O'Brien. Merry Christmas to you, Doug and your extended family--we hope you enjoyed it. I call Frankie the "Mayor". My wife has her registered as a service animal so she goes with us everywhere! The exact opposite of our beloved Poppy. Without a doubt she is the people's puppy. For real! She loves people. We would like to purchase a puppy for my mother in law...Boston Terrier/ Jack Russell mix. My wife has mentioned that all of Frankie's siblings are sold. If so, let me know how to proceed. I have no problem paying in full in advance and waiting for the next litter. I don't really know how this works. I'm still pushing for a second but it's still difficult for my wife. Please advise and I'll put the check in the mail. Thanks again, Deb. I've been meaning to check back in after your Christmas card but I'm always running short on time! We are incredibly grateful and look forward to a long term relationship with you guys moving forward. Merry Christmas again and a blessed, healthy, prosperous New Year! All the best, Erin, Jared, Cole, Madden, Poppy and Frankie

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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