2015 Mini Klee Ka, Meeko!

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Name: 2015 Mini Klee Ka, Meeko!

Description: This guy flew✈️ to NJ to meet his new family this evening! His name is Meeko, I brought him to pet smart earlier to buy some stuff for him and every single person in there stopped me and was telling me how adorable he was and was asking his breed! He was a hit! He's doing great and I'll send you some pictures soon! He definitely loves the skinnies! I got him a fox and that's his favorite toy(even though he has like 20 toys(spoiled)). He's doing great and is already sleeping through the night not counting the one time I wake up to let him out to pee or poop. I'm planning on taking him to the vet on Monday for a whole checkup again but he's eating well and acting like a normal rambunctious puppy! Here is a few pictures I took of him He's doing great!! He's fully house trained and does well with other people, just trying to socialize him with other dogs more. Here are some recent pictures of Meeko!

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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