20015 Welsh Terrier, Wild Willie & Zeek!

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Name: 20015 Welsh Terrier, Wild Willie & Zeek!

Description: This morning Don & Curt came and picked up their two "Wild Indians" from CO. Hey Deb & Doug, Here are the boys on their first shopping trip in the big city! Wild Willy (l) & Zeek (r) Don 'Morning Deb, The boys got a thumbs-up on their first visit to the vet. Yeah! In 2 weeks we go back for their next round of shots. They are now up to 7.5 lbs and 6.25 lbs. Growing boys! Don Hi Deb, Here's Willy with his eclipse glasses on! We were in Wyoming for the event! Of course Curt had to "help" hold Willy's glasses in place! Don Here's Zeek with his glasses on. I'll send another cuter pic of Zeek. Don Zeek sitting in Curt's lap wearing Curt's hat. All the boys love getting hats, shoes, laundry - you name it! Where in Colorado did Razzle and Dazzle retire? Don Hi Deb and Doug!I was thinking of the two of you today as I was visiting a friend of mine down in Marion, KS. I wish that I had Wild Willy and Zeek w/ me to arrange a visit, but we'll try another time w/ plenty of advanced warning!It's hard to believe the boys are over 2 yrs. old now. They are starting to calm down a bit, but the vet says it may be one more year before we see "tame" little boys. No matter what, we still love them so much!I have recent pics on my phone so I'll send some along.Also wanted to alert you to our NEW email address. Please update your files if that's something you do.Here's wishing you and Doug the very best. We think of you often everytime we're driving I-70 from home to Chicago and back again!Don

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