2014 Miniature Australian Shepherd, Paige!

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Name: 2014 Miniature Australian Shepherd, Paige!

Description: This was a Christmas gift surprise for Elly and the family. She was very happy! Loved the look on her face, it was priceless. Made my day as well as hers! Deb, we made it home, our dog Milly took to the puppy great! Elly decided to name her "Paige". Thanks again for the hospitality! I have sent your contact to a few other who may be looking to add to their families in the future. Thanks again! Deborah, Sorry for the late response, I have not accessed this email adress since we returned from vacation. Paige is doing well, she got to take her first road trip over New Years to MS, and did remarkably well. We are having quite a time with potty training, but that's about our only issue. She a blast to have around, and she's been a blessing for our older dog (Millie). Millie is forced to find energy she hasn't had in years to keep up with Paige. Paige is a little rocket in the yard. She had her first vet trip the tues we brought her home where she received a good bill of health. The vet said she could stand to put on some wait, but we wonder if it registered with him that she was a mini? our oldest took her to the vet so we are not real sure what he was actually told. She goes back this week for shots, and another check up. Thanks for checking in on her, I have recommended you to anyone that says they are looking for a puppy, and I'm sure you will see us when we decided to adopt again. The attached pic was taken this morning.

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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