2014 Golden Doodle, Otto!

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Name: 2014 Golden Doodle, Otto!

Description: Nick, Sherry and sons came KS to pick up their new puppy! Hi Hi Deb, So thank you very much for making this possible, we're so glad we chose him! Tell Doug that his little guy says hi! Sincerely, Sherry He's adjusting quite well and got to spend his Thanksgiving with some of our family members and quickly warmed up to each of them. I baked those dog biscuits from your website and gave him one, he gobbled it up! We visited a dog park where he was the center of attention and he loved on every human he came across. :) His first night in his crate was a little rough but last night went so much better. He's even taken to his leash really well already. So I think he's really loving his new home and the boys (especially the older one, Ethan) have been playing with him non-stop, they're in love. Thanks for checking in on us! Sherry and family Hi Deb, Just wanted to send a quick picture and update about Otto. He had a vet check the other day and our vet was thrilled with his health, said he was perfect in every way. He's doing very well with crate training at nighttime, only one accident so far, and only gets up once a night to potty, so we're pretty excited about that! Nick and I make comments on a daily basis about how we hit the jackpot with him, he's honest to goodness such a good puppy. We anticipated our lives being flipped upside down for a few months but he's such a laid back guy that sometimes you forget he's even there! The boys more than adore him, they have a constant play (and cuddle) companion. He's such a cuddler, as I type he's laying across my feet keeping me warm. :) So thank you very much for making this possible, we're so glad we chose him! Tell Doug that his little guy says hi! Sincerely, Sherry Hello Debbie and Doug, Thank you for the Christmas letter, it's great you keep in touch with your past buyers! We hope you both enjoyed your holidays and have a successful and happy new year, too. Attached is a picture from just this evening of our boys and Otto. He's just over 12 weeks now and seems to be growing daily. Other than nipping, he's honestly the best dog ever. Has slept through the entire night in his crate after his 5th night here and is all but potty trained (still an accident on a rare occasion) but is doing so well. He's such a blessing for our family and is snuggled up on our oldest son on the couch as I type. I think he's spoiled! We've been telling anyone who asks where we got him from so if you hear from anyone in the Olathe area, maybe they've talked to us! :) Thanks again! The Naparstek's How funny, that makes 3 of us with the 2nd of the month as birthdays (all different months, but still fun!). He's still doing very well, almost finished with his puppy shots so we're excited to take him out and about a lot more. Sleeps like a champ and takes fewer naps throughout the day, so I'd say all is well. He's a smart cookie, is very consistent with his basic commands and is starting to associate our hand signals with the commands. His favorite toy is a big soccer ball he loves to chase outside and an old shoe of Nick's is his all time favorite in the house. We love him to bits! Hope all is well there! Sherry Hi Deb! Hope you don't mind our random updates on our growing Otto. :) He's 5 months old tomorrow and growing at a steady rate. We recently went on vacation and boarded him at our vets office. We are pretty sure he thought we abandoned him though. When Nick went to pick him up we thought for sure he'd be kissed and knocked over by excitement but instead I think Otto was in disbelief that it was him and was instead very reserved. That is, until we got home and he realized it was HIS home. Then we couldn't stop him from running circles around the house. It was a riot. ;) Anyway, as always, he's such a great dog. He is happiest playing in snow and has endless amounts of energy running around in it. He is allowed to have free roam of the house while we're out for short periods of time, he's such a mellow guy and has yet to ruin anything that gets left on the floor (our boys always leave their toys here and there,too!). Here's an updated picture, see how big he's getting? We love him to bits and are grateful to have found him through you. Sherry Hi Deb! Just wanted to say hi to you, hope you and the dogs are great! Otto is about 10 months now and is still the best dog ever, here’s a picture of him recently BEFORE he got trimmed at the groomers (big mistake, but it’ll grow back!). We get compliments all the time, wondering where we found him, etc. I do have a friend interested in purchasing a doodle and I gave her your info. According to your website it doesn’t look like you’ve got a liter available though. I think she mentioned she was looking into Corgi’s too, so maybe she’ll find something. Her name is Rachel Dapp, from Kansas City. Thanks!! Sherry

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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