2014 Pom-Klee, Carl!

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Name: 2014 Pom-Klee, Carl!

Description: This puppy flew to FL to the Mathis Family! We just picked him up and we are driving home. I guess the second flight didn't allow animals so he was delayed again by 2.5 hrs. Oh he's doing great. I have him settled ... got him half your food half ours and fresh water. Poor guy was out of water from it taking so long I guess. I have two quick questions. 1. When does he need to visit the vet? & 2. How do you give him the vitamins exactly? And how much of a vitamin does he get? We are all excited and happy. He fits right in with us. I just have to get the kids to realize he's a dog not a cat. Amanda I'm being very careful so they don't hurt him. I sit with him and they pet him and snuggle him. I have an play yard gate that is perfect for his size since he's tiny and it gives him plenty of space at night... and so he's not in a cage. I will contact a vet and get him in and show him all the paperwork. I appreciate all the help. I'm already so in love with him. We re named him Carl since my daughter loves Nemo and can't say Coral correctly. That was her name choice and she says it Carl. So I figured it was perfect. If there is anything else I might think up I will shoot you a message. Thank you so much again for making me a new (puppy) mom. You took excellent care of him I can tell. Amanda I will send a picture of him when he gets groomed today. He really needs it. We had him at the vet. 3 wks ago and they said he was 4.5lbs; I just plopped him on my scale.. (not perfect but it will do.) And he's up to 5lbs right now. He was having very loose stoles and I think that was his issue with the weight gain. But the vet said he had Giardia. So we got him treated for it. They said they didn't find anything in his stole but he is still coming up positive for it but he is showing no symptoms. I was told that he can still show positive for up to 6 months. I'm gonna take samples in monthly to get tested. He's taking his vitamins daily. He LOVES running out in the yard and play fighting with the cat. I'll send a picture of him as soon as he's done with his grooming. He's my little baby though and loves snuggling up to my neck like a little baby and even lets me carry him around and rock him to sleep. LOL.. I never had a dog like him and I can certainly say he's the best little fur ball I have ever fell in love with. Thanks for checking up on him. I know my husband is hounding me about perhaps getting another pup from you all... so you might just have a repeat customer on your hands. Have a great Sunday.. and pictures to come ASAP. *Mandy (Amanda Mathis) Oh.. btw.. his name is CARL now. It's a military "thing" so it was either CARL.. CHAD... or CHARLIE. I thought Carl fit much better... but everyone thinks his name is hysterical.

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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