2014 West Highland Terriers, Stella & Joey!

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Name: 2014 West Highland Terriers, Stella & Joey!

Description: Karen & Jay came this afternoon to pick up their 2 Westie puppies! So glad the 2 will have their new home together. Thanks, Deb Hi Deb! I "talk" to you every day in my mind and decided tonight that I had to send you a message soon, so thanks for reaching out and spurring my email. Well they Have certainly been a handful, but so sweet and so anxious to share loving kisses with everyone they meet. The vet check went well. She said that they even had pretty teeth Stella is the over-achiever; usually first to potty and will go again if possible when úJoey finally gets his "good dog". He can be pretty vocal about his not feelin' it. When I want to tire them out further, we play in the laundry basket so they can work on their pull-ups. Stella doesn't carry so much in her belly, so she's first in that exercise too. The vitamins in yogurt is a treat to watch!! After they finish their "bowl" (tiny mini food prep bowls), they lick each other's chins clean Hi Deb! Here is an update on our two Westies! It seems like I talk with you nearly every day, telling you how HEAVY they are getting and some new discovery. For instance, not only do they have rose thorn/kitten sharp toe nails and Long giraffe tongues to lick peanut butter out of toys, we are realizing that they are part polar bear cubs too! They like to play keep away when it's time to come back in the house... I am so glad they have each other to chase around the house as I really don't think we would have the energy to exercise one of them by ourselves! Here is a picture of them the first night home and now: Stella on the left and Joey on the right, just like in the Spooks picture. Thank you for such wonderful joy-giving puppies!! Karen

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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