2014 Pom-Klee female, Lady Dancer!

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Name: 2014 Pom-Klee Female, Lady Dancer!

Description: This puppy landed safely in NJ to Farrarri & Mike! She did really well last night and is doing great so far! We expected her to cry all night but she curled up and went to sleep. She is starting to walk on a leash pretty well. There is no such thing as baby or dog proofing a home. She loves to chew on everything! When she couldn't find something to chew on, (her toys are fun but not always readily available) she decided it would be smart to bring leaves from outside inside hiding them in her mouth when we let her back in from potty. Mike couldn't figure out how the leaves were getting inside until we caught her. Ha! She received a bath today. She wasn't happy about it, but the ordeal is over and she's acting crazy barking at her toys. Just thought you might like an update on our little girl. :) She's smart! She went pee in the kitchen, mike wiped it up and showed her the napkin with the pee went outside. She hasn't gone in the house so far and she seemed like she whined at the door a bit this morning. So we let her out and she went outside. Unbelievably happy with her. She's laying like a human on her back sleeping right now. Her paws in the air. Lol. Just thought you should know. BEST PUPPY EVER! I passed your contact information to a co-worker of mine today. I get so many compliments on How adorable Our baby girl is. We bought Dancer, I don't know if you remember us. Anyway, my co-workers Son LOVES huskies and didn't know they can be miniature. Lady "dancer" looks just like her daddy Nanook. Hi Again. I recently posted a photo of our Pup we bought from you a few years ago on Facebook on a thread and I've been receiving questions ever since. She's going to be 3 this year! Time flies. Every day tons of people are liking her photo, commenting on her petite size, asking where we got her, want to know how to get one of her...etc. I went to your site not thinking you would mind if I shared your info. But I noticed you don't have Pomklees, just the Klee Kai. Are you thinking of breeding any more PomKlees?

Contact Info

2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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