2014 Pom-Klee female, Kieli!

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Name: 2014 Pom-Klee Female, Kieli!

Description: Juliette & her 2 kids came from OK today and got their second Pom-Klee. We was happy to see the little male she got from us, Loki! He is a very handsome guy!Hey Deb – just thought I would check in and let you know that Kieli is doing very well! She had her first vet appt yesterday and already weighs 4 pounds and the vet said she is a perfectly healthy little girl! She and Loki have bonded so well it’s just sweet. She is sweet & playful just like Loki, with the exception that she is quite verbal! Loki has always been quiet, but she is quite the little noise maker! Of course, I like that because she can’t hide from me worth a darn because she can’t be quiet!!!! She has been the perfect addition to our family! These little farts are hard to get in focus picture of because the only time they sit still for more than 5 seconds is when they are sleeping, but I managed to get a couple of pics to send you! Juliette Hi Deb, I thought I would send updated pics of the kiddos! Kieli’s hair has really turned dark in the last few weeks & her tail is finally starting to get bushy! She is growing like a weed too! I weighed her on the 20th & she is right at 6 ½ pounds. Loki is holding right at 5 ½ lbs….soooooo….Kieli is already bigger than he is, but he holds his own with her. They have such fun together & boy do they make a good team of con artists! One distracts me while the other one grabs something and runs for a hiding spot!!!! There is never a dull moment with these two! J Anyhow…I thought you would enjoy the new pics. I wish I could get better ones, but it takes about 50 shots to get one decent one since the little farts are going about 90 to nothing unless they are asleep & while those pics are precious, it’s nice to get them with their eyes open too! Hope you guys have a Very Merry Christmas!! Hi Deb, Thought I would sent a couple new pics of Loki and Kieli! The pics are from 2 weeks ago, and Loki weighed 6.4 lbs and Kieli weighed 7.4 lbs, excepts, I really think she has put on a pound since then! I think she is pretty close to being finished growing, but she may surprise me! The pic of Kieli is not as focused as I wanted, but this one was after about 25 tries to get her no to move before the camera flashed! She is still very camera shy! She is quite different in personality from Loki, especially when it comes to playing! She doesn’t love tug-o-war like he does, she like to stand on her hind legs and run at our hands. We tease her and say she’s part bear! They are both just doing wonderfully. Kieli has not been spayed yet because the vet is waiting for her adult fangs to come in, and they seem to be in no hurry! I think one of them may finally being trying to come in because she looks a little puffy on the right side this week, but getting her to let me look at her teeth is quite the ordeal!!! Of course, she seems to have no problem letting the handsome vet look….probably because she is so busy flirting with him she doesn’t notice he has his fingers in her mouth!!! Yes…she is quite the flirt when it comes to the male population! Loki is still as much a momma’s boy as he has ever been…which I am perfectly thrilled about. Kieli is more cozy with Elliott, but when she gets sleepy she curls up next to me on the love seat and likes to sleep on top of my feet in bed. Loki on the other hand thinks “beside” be is a punishment, so he is always curled up on top of me on the love seat and in bed! They are quite the pair, these two! Hope all is well with you! J Hi Deb, I have been meaning to email you for some time, but seem to stay so busy between work, two human kids, two canine kids, and 4 feline kids, that there never seems to be enough hours in the day! Loki and Kieli are fantastic! Kieli has grown up to be a very loving little girl just like her brother. They run and chase each other all over the place, and they love to play hide-in-seek at home. I couldn’t have found two more perfect kiddos for our family! And, Loki hasn’t had a seizure since the day we brought Kieli home. He used to be scared of his own shadow, but she isn’t afraid of anything! They are a perfect balance because he brings out her sweet, but playful side, and she brings out his wild, adventurous side. I am attaching a picture that I took on Kieli's first birthday. Of course, I never get the best pics because they only they the little stinkers stay still for 5 seconds is when they are asleep! Kieli has settled in at 10 pounds, and Loki stays right about 7.5 pounds. He has become a much better eater too...he now eats his hard food throughout the day and evening, but I still give them soft food with yogurt and vitamins mixed in for breakfast. Then, of course, we cannot forget the various treats they think they must have as well! I have kept them both on Royal Canin hard food and Blue Buffalo basics soft food. It seems to be a good combination and the vets says they are both perfectly healthy, happy little kids! It's so cute that they are such perfect friends, but also they still love to cuddle up with me or the kids in the evenings to watch a movie or just chill out. They both sleep with me, along with our 4 cats! Surprisingly enough, they have both traded using pee pads for peeing in the litter boxes. Loki started it first about 6 months ago, and Kieli followed suit about 3 months ago. They don't poop in the boxes, they go next to them on the pads. Sure has saved me a ton of money on pee pads, and the cats haven't seem to mind at all! I hope you are doing well. I get asked about the kids all the time and where I got them, so I am always happy to tell people about your website and to watch for all of your litters! As always, I am so thankful that I found you and cannot image my babies coming from anyone else! Best wishes in everything! Juliette

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