2014 Boston Terrier, Libby!

General Info

Name: 2014 Boston Terrier, Libby!

Description: Teri and her husband came this evening and picked her up! They are here in KS. Oh definitely!!! Great first night. We traveled all day yesterday to garden city and she was super. Last night fussed little but really great puppy! My daughter is here w their dog. The are cute together. Our big dog ignores Libby mostly but we are keeping them separated as Roy is so big. She's napping now! Libby after a weekend of picnics short walks and much play. Oh yes! Doc is cute. Libby sleeps all night also on her kennel. She can "sit" I believe been working on it. Following us to the doors to potty outside. Lot of work! But she is a great puppy. She is great!!! Growing! Libby has made three trips to garden city. She's s great traveler. Libby is now 17 pounds! Hi! Libby continues to grow!! Over 20 lbs now. Very strong. Sometimes mischievous! Great pet. Merry Christmas! Clay Teri and Libby! Celebrating Liberty Bell one year old. 30 lbs.

Contact Info

2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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