2014 Australian Terrier 2 females, Maggie & Molly!

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Name: 2014 Australian Terrier 2 Females, Maggie & Molly!

Description: These gals flew to Washington State to meet Linda and then was on a trip to Canada. Were quiet when i picked them up. All 3 took trip in stride. I am waiting for a rest stop tl let them out a bit. They are travelling well. Sure different personalities. Molly n maggie seem to fit, although which is which. I think maggie is all wiggles. here is a photo I took after getting home. They were all good travelers. Not a fuss out of anyone. They are getting along fine with everybody. My pup sitter has a 3 month pup, and they take turns jumping on each other. Right now they decided it was nap time and they are crashed under my desk in their pet bed. I have called them Maggie (rough coat) and Molly (smooth coat). Molly seems a bit more reserved and Maggie is more outgoing. Although Molly won't take any guff from anybody. She stands up for herself and speaks her piece. I am including a photo of them crashing in their 'nest' bed. I am not sure which one was sleeping bum up, but I thought it was a cute photo. They are growing like weeds and starting to lose their 'puppy fat'. I will send more pictures later. It is always interesting to see how they come out in the end. Growin like weeds. House training was fine until fall weather arrived with rain and they didn't want to get toes wet. I insisted and all is now well. Maggie (hairiest) is going to be the sturdier of the two. Mollie is slighter built and is much lighter, and built more streamlined. FAster than two speeding bullets, they are still full of beans. She is more impressionable and took to training much faster. Maggie is more bull-headed, i don't think she ever used the puppy pad and Mollie used it right away. My puppy sitter has a pup and his dad, and they really enjoy their time together. Last few days i have been really dogged out. Mike had a medical procedure, so i have had all dour-footed ones. both doing well. Mollie attached herself to my son and his family over the holidays. Gen works as a licenced practical nurse in a seniors care home and i have a feeling Mollie is going to be a big hit there. The single photo is of mollie and her grin. She has a bit of an underbite, but it was hard to get this shot. Maggie is getting along well, but it seems very peaceful with only one pup. Maggie is big n sturdy and getting shaggier by the day. Mollie is sleeker, has a narrower nose and a slight build. She is also easily bullied by her sister. Here is a picture of both. Happy new year to ya'll two footed and four footed. Any chance you could send me a photo of the girls parents. Linda

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