2014 Norwich Terrier, Kareem!

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Name: 2014 Norwich Terrier, Kareem!

Description: Kenneth & his wife came to pick up their new little guy from AR. Hey Deb, Hey Deb, just wanted to send you and update on our little boy, Kareem. He is doing great, super smart and growing like a weed. He's definitely a momma's boy. Take care. Kenny and Katie He is doing great. He was awesome in the long car ride. He's getting adjusted to his new home very well. He likes the new treats and has been doing pretty good on getting potty trained. He's very sweet and loving, but still fun and rambunctious. I can tell he's going to have a sweet and fun personality. He follows one of us everywhere we go. We love him! Thanks for checking in. Kenny Deborah, Just wanted to give you an update on our boy. He is doing great! He has gotten big and is developing a great personality. He loves to go for walks and explore and his favorite thing is to ride in the car. His coat is still very pretty and he is constantly getting compliments on his looks. We love him very much and can't imagine our life without the little fella. Hope all is well with you. See attached pictures. Kenny and Katie Here's our boy, Kareem. The antlers lasted long enough to take the picture. He's the best though. So smart and full of energy and love. He can shake with both hands so far. Took about 20 minutes to teach him that. More tricks to come, I'm sure. He loves car rides. We have to spell r-i-d-e. Crazy that he's just under 10 months old. Merry Christmas! Kenny and Katie and KAREEM

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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