2014 Giant Schnoodle, Dash!

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Name: 2014 Giant Schnoodle, Dash!

Description: We flew his guy to NJ. Hi Deb, He warmed right up to us! He wanted to play in the car before we even made it home! He's doing great and he's very playful. He's already running up the steps in the house! I've attached some pictures of him. We decided to name him Dash (after Dasher the reindeer, since he was born on Christmas). Thank you so much Deb, you were wonderful to work with and i'm glad everything went so smoothly. I'll send you updated pictures as he grows! Thanks so much, Bridget Dalessandro Hi Deb, I just wanted to send you updated pictures of Dash. He's doing great! He's very healthy and happy! He sleeps through the entire night (he did this on only his third night with us!) and he seems to be housebroken already. We get compliments from everyone on how handsome and well behaved he is. He had his first obedience lesson on Friday and learned all of the commands by the end of the session. The trainer was very impressed by how sweet and calm he was. He still has his moments when he likes to cause to trouble, but they are few! The veterinarian says she thinks he's going to be a big boy, he's already 20 pounds (as of Friday). We were curious, how big are his parents? Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our family, Bridget Hi Deb, I just wanted to update you on Dash. He is doing well. He has so much personality and is very active. He is very smart and learns quickly. He was house broken in no time and he never needs to be crated even when we are gone for hours. The whole family loves him. However, he has recently began to start being a little aggressive. Have you ever ran into this before with this breed or either of his parents? If so, do you have any suggestions for us? He has been in obedience lessons, which he does great in, but if he decides he doesn't want to do something he can get very temperamental. Thank you, Bridget Dalessandro Hi Deb, I just wanted to give you a little update on Dash. I had emailed you around Christmas time and Dash was having a rough time. It seems like in January, Dash changed over night, for the better! We finally found a trainer with a method that he starting responding to (he really emphasizes establishing a pack hierarchy) He is a totally different dog. His aggression has decreased tremendously. We have very few issues with that anymore. He now seems to understand when he is doing something wrong. He listens so much better. He is doing much better with being groomed. Also, his health issues seem to be under control. He was just at the vet for his one year check up a few weeks ago and everything checked out. He is still a little skittish, the vet suggested that we sign him up for agility classes because he is very active and has a lot of nervous energy (the vet said this may account for his skittishness). He is starting those lessons next week. Overall, he is doing great. He can still be pretty mischievous, but he's so cute you just can't be mad at him. He is a lot of fun and we love him dearly! Bridget Dalessandro Hi Deb, I haven't updated you in a while about Dash. He's doing great. His behavior is so much better. He still has his moments (few and far between now though), but between his age and breed that is to be expected. He still HATES to be groomed, so that is major project. He is very loving though. He definitely thinks he is lap dog, that's for sure. He has so much personality. I've never seen anything like it. You can always tell what he wants by his body language, gestures and he even "talks" to us. He loves to go on runs and walks. He is crazy for the dog park. Nothing makes him happier than running through the woods with a bunch of other dogs. Thanks again for the great addition to our family. Attached are some pictures. From, The Dalessandro's P.S. Dash is VERY nosey and got himself into some big trouble in May. He got into a pack of sugar free gum and had to spend a few days in the Vet Hospital. I did not realize how toxic it was! He was back to his normal, goofy self pretty quickly though.

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